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What Are Frozen Packs?

Vacuum Pouches are able to offer good protection to a diverse range of product properties from our customers, enabling longer shelf life without compromising the quality. It can be stored in temperatures as low as -18˚C and effectively protects your products from moisture and vapour loss, and also helps reduce or eliminate odours. We strongly believe that packaging must not only meet its functional requirements, it is also the frontline visual presentation of our customer's company and their product to the market and that has a causal effect on consumers' purchasing decisions. Therefore here at Jackway, we are able to help customise your Vacuum Pouch to suit your packaging needs. We have a wide range of vacuum barrier packaging. Our Vacuum Pouch can be imprinted on with up to as many as 8 different colours to boost the visual appeal on top of their functional packaging. This will definitely help our customers up the ante in gaining a competitive edge over their competitors, offering an overall improvement in shelf display visual appeal as well as helping to create an easier product/brand recognition and loyalty.

About Jackway

Jackway Converter Industries Pte Ltd has been the leading market innovator in the industry since 1996 specialising in flexible innovative packaging, such as packaging pouches and multi-layered packaging films. We are relentlessly in pursuit of advancement with the latest technology to offer only the very best for all your packaging needs.

At Jackway, our customers are spoilt for choice of materials like OPP, PET, Nylon, CPP, LLDPE, Aluminium Foil, MPET and more to meet the different requirements in barrier properties. With our cutting edge technologies and equipment, the most demanding of packaging requirements can be fulfilled accordingly. These include enhanced packaging veracity; microwavable applications; modified atmosphere (humidity) packaging; calibration of moisture, gases and grease barrier properties and calibration of properties to enhance your product freshness (shelf-life).

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